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Mineral Water Plant

With intention the best quality of water, we design & install turnkey system of mineral water plants incorporating the equiments & components. We offer a single convienent source for all system accessories, including pre treatment, filtration, Disinfection & packaging of water. The Waterman Engineers water treatment company offers mineral water plants designed with latest world-class technology. Our mineral water plant is designed to process water in steps to remove germs and larger molecules like colloid. Our mineral water treatment plant gives you more safe and healthy drinking water.

Process Flow

    Waterman Engineers mineral water plant consists of 6 process steps
  • Purification of Water

Raw water from an external source is passed through the purification plant which is further stored in stainless steel tank. Water gets purified and kept ready to bottle it.

  • Bottle Manufacturing / Blowing of PET Bottles

Bottles are produced by blowing pet form. Certain number of bottles are produced in advance to start bottling process. The bottle manufacturing continues further more during the day.

  • Bottling Purified Water / Filling of Bottles

It is the process where bottles are fed into machine to automatically, rinse, fill and screw up the cap on it. Further, the cap of each bottle is marked with manufacturing and expiry date before it is hopped up to screw on the bottle.

  • Labeling

We prefer heat shrink labels and tamper evident shrink sleeve on the neck of the bottle. The neck sleeve and label are to be manually put on the bottles which will then pass through shrink tunnels and onto packing conveyer. Batch number and expiry date are printed on the caps and labels prior to the bottles get sealed with the caps.

  • Shrink Wrapping / Group Packaging

The bottle neck cover and label are shrunk and stick to it when they are passed through hot tunnel.

  • Final packaging

The bottles are finally packed manually in the cartons.
We provide whole mineral water treatment plant includes all necessary equipments and machinery that is required to perform above process steps.

The Project Involves Machinery:
Mineral Water RO Plant
Bottle Filling Machine
Jar Washing/ Filling Machine
BOPP Labeling Machine / Sticker Labeling Machine
Automatic Rinsing, Filling & Capping Machine
Semi/ Automatic PET Blow Moulding Machine
Batch Coding Machine
Water Chiller

  • Features
  • Offer flawless filtration of contaminated water
  • Equipped with safe and healthy water Pre-treatment with high quality components
  • Highly efficient Ozonation and UV disinfectant to get best quality mineral water
  • Offer micron cartridge filter for Pre-treatment of RO membrane. Fine Polishing Filtration system for polishing water/post filtration.
  • Use latest Dosing system which is better than conventional water softening plants
  • User friendly PLC based Electrical Control device/ Microprocessor with Dry Running Protection.
  • Offer monitoring instruments and equipments.
  • Offer fully and Semi automatic plant with low operation and maintenance cost
  • FRP/ SS Vessel for Pre-treatment & Pressure Vessel for RO Membrane

Bottle Blowing & Filling Range: 200 ml – 2000 ml
Blowing Machine Output: 800-1500 BPH (Semi-Automatic) / 1800-7200 BPH (Automatic)
Filling Machine Output: 24-200 BPM (Automatic)

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