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Demineralization (DM) plant removes water impurities like calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, iron and other heavy metals, which are considered to be unhealthy minerals when present in water intake. DM plant is also known as deionization plant.

Waterman Engineers have gained expertise in providing excellent DM water plants with latest technological design and effective execution. Our DM plant uses an effective water treatment process to clean the water and make it safe, hygienic and healthy. Our DM water plant is not only effective in terms of cost and operation but it is also available in various capacities.

Waterman Engineers offers standard & customized DM Plants with FRP / MSRL & SS construction.

De-mineralization technology is proven water treatment that operates on ion-exchange principle, degasification and polishing to produces mineral free water.

Deionization or ion-exchange principle works on the typical process impurity ions present in the water, which are replaced by ions through ion-exchanged resin that purifies the water. The impurity ions are captivated in the resin, which requires to regenerate and restore it to its original form. Positively charged ions are cations or heavy metals while negatively charged ions are anions or non-metals.

The basic principle of DM plant is about passing raw water through two ion exchange resin bed. The first bed cations are exchanged with hydrogen (H+) ions. And the second bed anions are exchanged with hydroxyl (OH-) ions. The process is also known as two bed deionization process. Water runs through cation column to decationize where cation is exchanged for hydrogen ions. To balance water electrically, for each monovalent cation (Na+), one hydrogen ion is exchanged and for each divalent cation (Mg2+, Ca 2+), two hydrogen ions are exchanged. (Anion exchange follows the same principle). The decationized water further flows through the anion column where all negatively charged ions are exchanged with hydroxide ions and combine with hydrogen ions to form H2O, water.

  • Offer highly de-mineralization plant for removal of unhealthy minerals like sulfates, nitrates and chloride salts
  • Water de-ionizers are sturdy, engineered and assembled with standard units to minimize start-up cost
  • Offer maximum efficiency of the unit during service and regeneration of resin
  • Offer manual, semi and fully automatic configurable DM plant
  • Equipments and machinery are sourced from trusted vendors which gives emphasis on quality
  • Demineralised water of our plant is suitable for distilled water, fertilizers, beverages, pharmaceuticals, steel plant, food processing, chemical industry, hospitals, laboratories, residential use
  • Complete assembly with Backwash & Regeneration equipment
  • Flexible Layout to suit site condition
  • Wide range: 50 lph – 100m3/hr & more
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