Manufacturing Mineral water i.e. water containing sufficient/required quantity of minerals which is required
to human bodies.

Raw Water Storage

Multi Graded sand Filter

To remove suspended matter from the water.

Activated Carbon Filter

To remove Colour, Odor and Smell from the water.
To Remove Oil & Grease from the raw water.

To control the BOD & COD in the raw water.

Antiscalant Dosing System

To prevent scale deposition from desalting element, by means of
Antiscalant Dosing in raw water.

Ultraviolet Disinfection System

To remove biological impurities from the raw water.

Micron Filtration

To remove micron particles from the raw water.

Osmotic pressure System (High Pressure Pump)

To create osmotic pressure in raw water.

Desalination System by Reverse Osmosis Membrane 

To desalt the raw water i.e. to reduce total dissolve solids.

Ion Controlling System

To adjust the minerals contains in the Process water by means of mixing of raw water in the desalted Treated water, Due to proportionate mixing Required quantity of raw water, we can mix to get required Quantity of ions from the raw water to desalted water.

Storage of Treated  Water

To remove back pressure in R. O. Membrane elements.

Fine Polishing Filtration

To filter water from 2 micron to 0.2 micron rating & achieve the crystal clear filtered mineral water.

UV system

To kill the bacteria from fine water.


To Prevent the biological & micro organism growth in the stagnant water.

Rinsing Filling & Capping with Lable shrinking M/c

To rinse, Fill & capping of the bottle of mineral water.

Bottle Manufacturing Machine

To manufacture the PET bottle from Pet granules.

Reverse Osmosis Membrane Cleaning System

To clean the membrane when it comes in maintenance stage.

Packing of mineral water in Bottles, container or polypack

To pack the final production in the selected packing to sell it in the market.

The mineral water plant consisting following equipments for different
process of filtration & separation during the manufacturing mineral water.

The Equipments in the project of packaged drinking water manufacturing unit are as follows :
1.  Raw Water Storage tank

2.  Raw Water Feeding Pump

3.  Multi Graded Sand Filter

4.  Activated Carbon Filter

5.  Antiscalant Dosing system

6.  Ultra Violate Disinfection System

7.  Micron Filtration System

8.  High Pressure Pump

9.  Reverse Osmosis Element

10. Pressure Vessel for elements

11. Electric Control Panel

12. Instruments and Instrument Panel

13. Micron Filtration for Minerals
     Controlling System

14. Treated Water Storage Tank

15. Treated Water Transfer Pump

16. Fine Polishing Micron Filteration System

17. Ultraviolet Disinfection System

18. Ozone Generating Set

19. Ozone Reacting Tank

20. Ozone Circulating Pump

21. R.O. Membrane Cleaning System.

22. Injection molding Machine

23. Stretch Blow Moulding Machine

24. Rinsing Filling & Capping Machine

25. Label Shrinking Machine

26. Operation Manual

Following are the requirement and it is managed by the purchaser :
1. Water Source

2. Row Water Storage .

3. Power.

4. Snap caps for 20 ltrs container

5. Food grade PVC caps for bottles.

6. Pet granules for pet bottle manufacturing.

7. Rappers for bottles & containers.

8. Civil works for installation.

9. Operating Staff.

10. Legal Clearance.

Treated Water Quality from packaged drinking water Plant is As per standards of
drinking Water indicated in ,WHO, FDA, ISI. It also depend on the
raw water quality to be use for treatment.

Waterman design drinking water plant to get maximum efficiency from the system ,With easy operation in single valve in each equipment, Atomization. The material of construction of the system may be FRP, Stainless steel ,PVC,etc…as suit to our requirement.

FlowDia.jpg (23598 bytes)

Flow diagram of packaged drinking water system



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